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Bleeding Green Nation Mailbag Open Thread

You have questions, I have answers. Fire away.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, Bleeding Green Nation community members.

Now that the NFL offseason has hit a slow period (aside from bizarre Johnny Manziel sexual harassment stories...) I figured it would be fun to do a Bleeding Green Nation mailbag post where I answer your Eagles inquiries. Or maybe you have a question that isn't Eagles related. Either way, don't be shy to ask.

Usually I just take questions directly from Twitter but I realize that not all of you who participate here at the site are Tweet-friendly.

So fire away with your questions in the comment section below this post. I'll try to answer some of the shorter ones here and I'll save the ones that require longer responses for the mailbag post itself. I hope to have the actual mailbag post published later today (Friday) or some time tomorrow (Saturday) at the latest.

Let's get it started. What's on your mind?

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