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Johnny Manziel sued for $25 million in bizarre sexual harassment lawsuit


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Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel hasn't even been in the NFL for an entire month yet but he's already making big headlines. It was revealed on Friday morning that Manziel was sued for $25 million for sexual harassment. While the lawsuit is very real and has been officially filed, it's very... bizarre. Here are the highlights, via SB Nation's Brian Floyd.

  • The woman alleges Johnny Manziel sent her a naked photo with a hot dog bun around his penis.
  • The woman alleges Manziel asked for a threesome with her and Dr. Drew.
  • The woman alleges Manziel has a small penis, but that he told her he would get a penis enlargement after being drafted and that he could be her "Long John Silvers."
  • The woman alleges Manziel asked for her to strip with LeBron James watching.
  • The woman alleges Manziel received a nude pic of "Jurderon" Clowney, which he then forwarded to her asking if she could handle his penis.
  • The woman alleges Manziel refers to his penis as his "Vienna Sausage."
  • The woman alleges Manziel's alleged small penis caused her psychological distress.
  • Something about cheating on exams at Texas A&M.

(Quick reminder that Manziel was drafted by Cleveland with the No. 22 in the 2014 NFL Draft, which was originally owned by the Philadelphia Eagles before they passed on him and opted to trade down.)

Manziel's agent is predictably claiming the entire lawsuit is a hoax.

See the entire document below. If you dare.

Samantha Schacher v Johnny Manziel

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