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Would you watch the Giants on Hard Knocks?

The NFC East could be represented on the popular HBO documentary series.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While feelings are likely mixed among fans regarding the Eagles appearing on a future season of Hard Knocks, the team will avoid the series this season. However, the NFC East will not. The Giants are among the eight teams that have qualified for the show, as New York meets the requirements put in place by the league during last season.

The requirements are simple. The team could not have done Hard Knocks or made the playoffs in the last two years or have a new coach. This criteria has led to an interesting group of eight that features the Giants, Steelers, Bills, Bears, Cardinals, Jaguars, Raiders and Rams. Some of those teams are interested, as the league has some volunteers at this point, according to Pro Football Talk.

While it's unknown whether the Giants are one of those "volunteers," their potential involvement brings up an interesting question from an Eagles fan's perspective. Would you want to watch a rival get more publicity? Do you care what type of things Victor Cruz does in the offseason or if Josh Freeman has excuses for being a headcase over the last two years? Does Tom Coughlin need another documentary to talk about John Wooden?

The other flip of the coin is that it gives the rivals a bit of insight into their opponents. This is not the first time an Eagles rival has been featured on Hard Knocks, so it's not like it's a big deal. The Cowboys have been featured twice (2002, 2008) and both years missed the playoffs.

Would you want to watch the Giants on Hard Knocks? If not, who is the one team out of the eight that you would find most interesting?

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