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Connor Barwin Reddit AMA Highlights

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin participated in a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' session. Read on for some of the highlights.

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As promised, Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin sat down for about an hour on Monday afternoon and participated in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (Q&A) session. You can see the full results of the AMA by clicking here. I took the liberty to highlight some of the best questions and answers below. Barwin is both funny and honest, so I promise it's worth your time.

Note: Barwin is hosting a benefit concert on June 20th at Union Transfer to support his MTWB Foundation. More information here.

*Some questions and responses have been edited for formatting purposes.*

Evan Mathis: Connor, big fan. You're definitely in my top 5 for white guys on the Eagles defense. My question: What is the fastest you've seen someone drink five beers? And what kind of legend would be able to do something like that?

A: I saw Evan Mathis drink five beers in 1:42 last summer, and he has video proof. Annoy him until he posts.

Q: We were the number two ranked offense last year compared to being ranked number 29 defense. What is the cause for the disparity? Is Chip putting all his eggs in the offense?

A: We were 17th in points allowed. Points are more important than yards, and we played about 300 more snaps on D than the rest of the league.

Q: Connor, if a 53 man battle royal breaks out in the locker room, who's the last man standing and why is it Alex Henery?

A: Everybody knows it's going to be Alex F***ing Henery. He's a god among men.

Q: Hey Connor, thanks for stopping by and answering questions for us! The guys over at /r/eagles really appreciate it. I have two questions.

1) In the article you wrote a few months ago about NFL Locker Room Culture. You briefly talked about a few systems (linebacker dinners) that were put into place to increase cohesion on the Eagles defense. Is there anything else you can share about the Eagles locker room? Any things the players or coaching staff implemented to help foster chemistry on defense or the team in general?

2) Would it be possible to set up a competitive scooter race between you and /u/EvanMathis69?

A: 1) Well, I can tell you we no longer can have any type of fine system, even for fun in our individual locker rooms, which I was sad to hear about because it was fun for team bonding since we never took it too far and we would use the money on team dinners and parties.

2) If I had the same tricycle that Evan has, I would clearly win since he's 50 pounds heavier than me.

Q: Favorite place to eat in Philly? (Chip is watching...)

A: Serpico, Audrey Claire, Pub & Kitchen, Fitler Dining Room and Vernick Food and Cocktail (and of course, Prime Stache, Brent Celek's restaurant, who will be catering my benefit concert for MTWB).

Q: Hey, Connor. First of all I'm a huge fan and you're my favorite player on that side of the ball

1) What did you feel when you found out you were leaving a playoff team to go to a team with a previous record of 4-12?

2) How hard do you try to intercept Nick Foles during practice?

3) What happened against the Vikings?

A: 1) What did we go after that? And the team I left went what?

2) I've never intercepted Nick Foles.

3) We lost.

Q: What teammate is the best dancer?

A: Best dancer? Kelce at Coachella. He got really into it and people would slowly start backing away. You should annoy him for footage too.

Q: 1) Over in /r/NFL, the consensus is you have the best guns on the team – what do you think? Jason Peter’s pregame Instagram pictures of you/Trent Cole/etc., flexing are awesome.

2) Outside of Eagles/football - what do you think of Philly? I believe I saw you in Rittenhouse a couple weeks back – do you get out to other neighborhoods? Fishtown, East Passyunk, etc.?

A: 1) We all just measured biceps last week as a team. Fletcher Cox is the biggest ... around. But mine's still the best, just not the biggest.

2) And yeah, I love Philly. I live near Rittenhouse so I'm there and in Graduate Hospital the most. I also go to Northern Liberties to see shows at Union Transfer and Johnny Brenda's a lot.

Q: You were a batted pass machine last year, nearly doubling up the competition! What's your secret? What do you think you do differently that lets you be so disruptive in passing lanes?

A: Oh. Wow. Hmm. I think it might have something to do with my basketball background, but it's just instinctual for me. I try to see the the quarterback while I'm rushing the passer.

Q: Best concert you have attended this year? Summer concert you are most looking forward to?

A: Arcade Fire at Coachella and Jack White at Governor's Ball and of course, I'm excited for Kurt Vile, The Tontons and The Districts at MTWB's benefit concert at Union Transfer (I saw The Districts at First Unitarian Church last week and it was a close second to Arcade Fire).

Q: How do you get your hair so luscious and amazing looking? What's the coolest thing about how the Eagles run things?

A:  I'm absolutely product-free, it's just years of training. Everything's fast and Smoothie Paul.

Q: Who is the funniest guy in the locker room that the fans would never expect?

A: Trent Cole is the funniest guy in the locker room.

Q: When did you change to your current hair style, and what made you pick that particular one?

A: I've been rocking this hair since 2011. Since then, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, all the celebrities have done it. I've got no plans of changing it any time soon.

Q: What is it like working with a HC like Chip Kelly? and how does he compare to other coaches you've worked with in the past?

A: I love playing for Chip. He's one of the more progressive coaches I've played for. I feel like most players love playing for him because of his honesty. (Mathis agrees.)

Q: A lot of people thought we reached for Marcus Smith @ #26. What do you expect out of Marcus this year?

A: I expect him to come in and contribute. I knew we needed to add depth at that position, and I know it's hard to find guys with an OLB skill set you need for the NFL late in the Draft.

Q: What was the locker room like under Chip's leadership? Did the guys who were there for the Andy Reid years and Chip's first year talk about the difference in the atmosphere between the two?

A: The atmosphere is great. Chip thinks culture is really important for success. At first there was some talk about what it was like under Reid but that ended pretty quickly once practice got underway.

Q: Connor, what do you think about eagles fans vs the rest of the NFL?

A: I don't know the rest of the fans in the NFL but Eagles fans are great. They will always let you know how they feel, but they'll always have your back at the same time.

Q: What is your go-to genre of music or artist that helps you wind down after a particularly hard game or practice?

A: Hall & Oates and Boyz II Men.

Q: Who's the nicest guy in football?

A: Our janitor T-Roy. He's the best.

Q: Would you rather fight 1 Chip Kelly sized horse or 1 horse sized Chip Kelly?

A: A Chip Kelly sized horse.

Q: One factoid I'll never have access to: Biggest weiner in the locker room? My sleeper picks are Alex 'Moose Knuckle' Henery and Nasty Nate Allen. Your astute clarification would be appreciated.

A: Doesn't the internet know it's Nick Foles? ("I do not condone this reply." -- Evan Mathis)

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