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Connor Barwin Reddit AMA on Monday, May 19th

Do you want Connor Barwin to answer your questions? Of course you do.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin is a man of many hats both on and off the field. As a football player, he's a threat to rush the passer or drop back into coverage on any given play. As a human being he's the "NFL's Modern Man" (as coined by Grantland). Barwin rides a public bus to work and can be found attending various music events in the city. As noted in a previous interview with Bleeding Green Nation, he's also very involved in the Eagles' partnership with NRG.

While BGN has had the chance to have Barwin answer our questions, most of you reading this post have not. That is... until now. Barwin will be participating in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (Q&A) session on Monday, May 19th at 2:00 PM EST [hat tip to r/Eagles]. All you have to do is sign up for a Reddit account, enter your question, and hope Barwin responds. Here's an example of one that featured Eagles OL Evan Mathis.

So, it's that simple. Just sign up and ask your question. I figured I'd give you the heads up so you could participate and come up with some good ideas. I'll be taking the best questions/responses and compiling them into a post here on BGN, much like I did for the Brad Smith AMA. Save the date!

(Note: the actual Barwin AMA thread won't appear until the start time is close, but here's where you will be able to find it.)

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