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Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote: Nick Foles makes an extremely compelling case

Nick Foles tells you why you should vote for him to be on the cover.

The folks over at EA Sports are holding their annual Madden NFL video game cover vote and there are 2 Philadelphia Eagles players in the running out of 16 total candidates. The voting takes place in a tournament style system where the players are ranked. LeSean McCoy, a 3 seed, is up against T.Y. Hilton in the first round. I have to imagine he wins that one easy.

On the other side of the bracket is 7th seeded Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. As you can see in the extremely HIGH-quality, crystal-clear video above, he makes a pretty compelling case! Just look at this fiery intensity and passion in transcript form:

Hey Madden fans, it's Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. Just sending y'all a video to say "Hey, vote for me." I know there's a lot of Eagles fans out there. Fly Eagles Fly.

If that doesn't want to make you vote for him, well, then I just don't know what will. So unless you're a big believer in the Madden cover jinx, go vote by clicking here.

(h/t The 700 Level)

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