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Eagles Draft Picks 2014: The Rookies Get Jersey Numbers

New players means new jerseys. See what numbers the Eagles 2014 draft class rookies will be wearing.


Now that the 2014 NFL Draft is over and all of the Philadelphia Eagles draft picks and undrafted free agent signings have been announced, it's time to hand out some new jerseys. Here's a look at what numbers the new rookies will be wearing.

And now for some high-level jersey number analysis:

Draft Picks

90 - We start it off with the Eagles' first round pick. Marcus Smith will wear 90 and that seems like a good fit.

81 - Probably the perfect number for Jordan Matthews since he'll be playing in the slot and that's what Jason Avant used to wear. The last Eagles receiver who was tall and wore 81 wasn't too bad. Too bad he didn't have Matthews' temperament.

11 - Josh Huff wore 1 at Oregon. NFL wide receivers can't wear 1, so 11 makes sense.

37 - Jaylen Watkins wore 14 in college but that's not available for NFL DBs. I have a feeling Watkins might end up changing this number down the line, but that's just a guess.

97 - The last two Eagles to wear this number were Cullen Jenkins and Isaac Sopoaga. Time for Hart to make himself more memorable than those two.

30 - Ed Reynolds gets Colt Anderson's old number. Makes sense since he'll probably earn a backup job and play special teams to start his career.

94 - Beau Allen gets the number of last year's training camp crush: Chris McCoy. Remember him?

UDFA (notable)

1 - Carey Spear gets the perfect number for a kicker.

34 - Bryce Brown's old number now belongs to Henry Josey.

10 - The Eagles gave DeSean Jackson's old number to an undrafted free agent wide receiver from Rutgers (Quron Pratt). They just miss him so much, don't they?


So, will you be buying any of these? Which ones?

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