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NFL Draft 2014: Reactions to the Eagles selection of Ed Reynolds

The Philadelphia Eagles used the No. 162 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on safety Ed Reynolds. Eagles fans and media alike reacted. Read on to see how it turned out.

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BGN Comments:

StoneColeKiller58:  ...But how did he do against the Ducks?

BLG:  Ed's a very smart guy. This is cool.

YankeesEaglesWhat:  I always approve of picking a DB from Stanford in the 5th round.

JohnnyMoo: I never thought he would fall this far. I’m pretty ecstatic with this pick. At worst I think he’s a backup safety, but I believe he has the potential to be something special. Didn’t even know he was on the board absolute steal in my opinion.

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TheBarbarian331:  He might not be anything more than a depth guy, but he has good size and is smart so you can’t count him out. Probably the best safety available at this point in the draft and he could’ve gone in the 4th so nice value.

alcatraz0109:  Honestly not a fan of Reynolds. But he’s a big guy who tackles well and seems pretty agile so STs is at least a possibility.

kyleklem92: chip is really showing his affinity towards big players

Beak 'n Talon:  I love this pick. He was one of the top safeties in the country in 2012 and appeared in the 1st round in preseason mocks. He wasn’t that bad last year, just didn’t have 6 ints like the year before but still led Stanford in tackles. He was the QB of a great defense and is a big, instinctive safety with range. I like him a lot better than Wolff in the same round last year

bebin:  Next Dawkins


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