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Eagles draft picks 2014: Do you approve of the Taylor Hart selection in the fifth round?

We know who the Eagles picked. Now it's time to overreact.


The Philadelphia Eagles' first fifth round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft was yet another Oregon Duck. This time it was former Oregon Ducks defensive lineman Taylor Hart. He is a huge lineman that will likely play on the four-technique for the Eagles. He will also be expected to be a prime special teams contributor.

This is likely a pick of philosophy and familiarity. Hart knows the defense and the coaching staff, while also fitting the Eagles size requirements. Hart is long, lean and is quick off the line. I am not a huge fan of him in any other defense, but he is in good hands with a coaching staff that knows him inside and out.

Some reading material:

1) Initial post on the selection of Taylor Hart.

Remember, overreacting isn't just fun; it's mandatory. Now it's time for you to weigh in on why is this the best/worst pick of all time. Tell us how you really feel and vote in the poll below.

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