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NFL Draft 2014: Reactions to the Eagles selection of Jaylen Watkins

The Philadelphia Eagles used the No. 101 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on DB Jaylen Watkins. Eagles fans and media alike reacted. Read on to see how it turned out.


BGN Comments:

dday: I love this pick, very good at corner and a decent safety

Nka727: Let's see them crybabies. Not spectacular, but not terrible. Good depth pick, looks like he can improve, but is willing to get in the mix and make a tackle.

Naguabo: Read this pick in conjunction with the Malcolm Jenkins signing 2 guys who have played both corner and safety, and therefore can assume multiple roles in the secondary. Plus, having guys like this on the field is good defense against offenses that like to move their receivers around and do crossing routes and similar tricks in order to try to create mismatches or maneuver opposing DB’s out of position. I know the Eagles’ track record on depth CB’s isn’t too great (Lindley, Marsh, Hughes) but that was with a different regime in place. My knowledge of prospects is rather iffy, but from a quick read-through this pick seems like positive news to me. It seems to me like in recent years, there’s less of a drop-off in talent between rounds than there used to be.

DesertEagle59: Noooooooo NOT WATKINS. Oh wait his name isn’t Danny

Haan:  Next Dawkins?

pot: LOVE LOVE LOVE. I actually like all these players so far that the eagles are drafting, just not when all of them are getting drafted. Expect Jordan Matthews at 42, which was awesome. Watkins is a great value in the 4th round, even with the 1st pick.

ShadyScores:  Seems fast enough and good on long balls, and with his size can probably press well. Sounds like a frustrating combo for desean.

AnthroEagle:  This was one of my favorite players in the draft. Very happy we got this guy.

Casper Jasper: Good enough pick. The versatility between corner and safety is obviously valuable, even if he is sort of a jack of two trades, master of neither. Kinda hoping they commit him to one in the pros and let him develop into it.


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