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Eagles Draft Picks 2014: Josh Huff Highlights Video

The Eagles picked WR Josh Huff at No. 86. Watch some of his highlights here.

The Philadelphia Eagles drafted wide receiver Josh Huff from Oregon with the No. 86 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Huff is a versatile receiver and excellent special teams player. Check out the above video for some of his college highlights. It is easy to see why Chip Kelly wanted to reunite with Huff.

(Note: if you are afraid you will be annoyed by the music, just turn the volume down before you even start playing the video. I don't want to hear people complaining about the music!)

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Huff scouting report:


Huff is impressive when it comes to getting open. He has clutch hands and will get first downs when counted on to produce. He is likely best in the slot and has no problem going across the middle. He can take a hit and will bounce off tackles. He makes circus catches and quarterbacks trust his hands. He is very talented at getting YAC and is a willing blocker. He is an accomplished returner and could be a successful gunner at the NFL level as well.


He has average short speed and is an awkward route runner. He is likely going to be limited to slot duty in the NFL and his lack of strength is a bit concerning. His forty-yard dash time implies average speed and he will likely be limited to short-area throws in an attempt to get YAC.

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