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2014 NFL Draft: Howie Roseman Says Eagles Aren't Afraid to Trade Up

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman says the team isn't opposed to moving up in the 2014 NFL draft, despite only having six picks.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In the sixth round of the 2013 NFL draft, Howie Roseman was feeling anxious. The Eagles were without a pick in that round because they already traded their own for Arrelious Benn a few months prior. Roseman, who hasn't been shy about moving around the board in the past, was feeling the pressure to trade a future selection in order to jump back into the sixth. So what did Roseman do? He got up, walked out of the Eagles' war room, went outside, and walked around the practice fields. The Eagles' general manager did not want to make a move in haste.

It's safe to say Roseman won't be walking out of the war room (which is compromised of Roseman, the Eagles' ownership, Chip Kelly, Tom Gamble, Rick Mueller, two scouts, the team's head trainer, and the "draft pick value guy") when the first round of the 2014 NFL draft takes place next Thursday night. Roseman will be busy deciding who the Eagles are going to take at No. 22 overall. That is, if the Eagles don't trade their pick away.

In a media session on Thursday morning, Roseman himself wouldn't rule out the possibility of a trade up.

Of course, it's not like anyone expected Roseman to say otherwise, but it brings up an interesting thought. If the 2014 draft class is so talented and deep as it's been made out to be, the Eagles (among other teams) might find it in their best interest to trade down and acquire more picks. This notion holds especially true for the Eagles, who are only scheduled to make six selections as it stands. However, in a draft where teams are desperate to trade down, trading up could come at a bargain.

Moving up in the draft doesn't always have to come at an extreme. Sometimes teams move up just an extra spot or two to ensure they get the guy they're set on. Such examples have occurred in recent Eagles draft history with Jeremy Maclin and Fletcher Cox. Roseman specifically mentioned Cox as one of those trade up situations.

Whether the Eagles will trade up, trade down, or stay put remains to be seen, but according to Roseman, one thing is certain: "We have a group of players this year, of which we're confident we'll get one."

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