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NFL Draft 2014: Ranking the Top Wide Receivers

How would you rank the top wide receivers?

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Chris Trotman

It's painfully obvious by now that the Philadelphia Eagles will be walking away with "at least" one wide receiver from the 2014 NFL draft class. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman literally said as much on Wednesday morning. While it's very possible the Eagles' pick at No. 22 isn't a receiver, it has to be considered a likely possibility. So with that said, let's rank the top options that could be available for the Eagles.

The top two options are obvious: Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans. Most (not all, but most) can agree there. Where it starts to get tricky is after those first two. That's where Odell Beckham Jr, Brandin Cooks, and Marqise Lee all seem to rank.

A group of 17 NFL personnel men, via Bob McGinn, ranked this draft's top wide receivers. The results are below. I also include the rankings from draft gurus Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper Jr.

But what I want to know is: how would you rank the top receivers for the Eagles?

17 NFL Personnel Men

1) Sammy Watkins
2) Mike Evans
3) Odell Beckham
4) Brandin Cooks
5) Marqise Lee
6) Jordan Matthews
T-7) Kelvin Benjamin
T-7) Cody Latimer
T-7) Paul Richardson
T-10) Davante Adams
T-10) Shaq Evans


1) Sammy Watkins, Clemson
2) Mike Evans, Texas A&M
3) Odell Beckham Jr., LSU
4) Brandin Cooks, Oregon State
T-5) Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State
T-5) Marqise Lee, USC


1) Sammy Watkins
2) Mike Evans
3) Brandin Cooks
4) Odell Beckham Jr.
5) Marqise Lee
6) Kelvin Benjamin
7) Cody Latimer
8) Davante Adams    
9) Jordan Matthews    
10) Bruce Ellington
11) Jarvis Landry
12) Martavis Bryant
13) Brandon Coleman
14) Donte Moncrief
15) Robert Herron
16) Allen Robinson
17) Kevin Norwood
18) Paul Richardson

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