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What are you doing for the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is just over a month away, so it's time to start making plans!

Al Bello

The NFL Draft is just over a month away but it's not too early to start making plans. Whether it's locking yourself in a room with wings, beer and your favorite Pet Shop Boys cassette tape or spending the night at your favorite sports bar with your best pals (and that creepy guy, Todd), this is the time to treat yourself to some unadulterated NFL fun. So what will you do?

Now don't get carried away yet, but what if your favorite blog hosted a draft party for the entire first round that would include awesome giveaways, a bar, food, a live BGN podcast that will run throughout, pick-by-pick analysis, a stuffed animal that you're not sure why it is there, The Notorious BLG, and much more? Would that be something you may be interested in if you lived in or around Philadelphia? Thoughts, comments, DeSean Jackson talk, make fun of Seantrel Henderson, write a comment after just reading the title or whatever down below!

This could be a thing but we want to make sure this won't be a sad event with Brandon and John Barchard slow dancing to George Michael's "Careless Whisper" and Patrick Wall and I sitting in a corner and complimenting each other....before we make something official. Also, if you own a bar and want to host the event, feel free to email me!

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