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NFL Considering a Four Day Draft?

Stop it.

Chris Trotman

An open letter from Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation to the NFL.

To: "Roger Goodell" (

CC: The National Football League (

Subject Line: We need to talk. Again.


It's been a week since I've last written to you. I still haven't received a response, but it's OK. I know you're a busy man. I hate to be a bother but I felt the need to reach out again.

I wrote to you last week on the topic of future NFL drafts. More specifically, I wrote to complain about how terrible the pre-draft waiting period is this year. It was always bad, but now it's even worse. The extra two weeks are making a painful difference. I'm clearly not alone in this thinking. (Poll results via ProFootballTalk)

I saw you mention that you haven't committed to making a decision on future draft dates. Come on, Roger, it's not that hard. Just move it back to the original date.

On a different note, I saw you also mention something about a potential four day draft.

What the heck, Rog? I just told you last week that the three day format was a change that I can respect. But four days? I understand you have to do what's best for the NFL ($$$$$$$$$), but that's probably just too much. Take it away, Mike Florio.

But only a small fraction of the fan base cares zealously about the final four rounds.  As currently constructed, the third day of the draft feels like it never will end.

Stretching it out to four days makes sense only if the NFL is considering moving the final two days of the draft to another city, rotating it from towns like Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Philly to Dallas and creating intense local interest for a large chunk of the process in which national (and New York City) interest is much, much lower.

I’ve been at Radio City Music Hall for every day of the draft since it was expanded to a three-day affair.  The energy (and crowd) of the first night fades noticeably by the second night.  By the third day, the crowd thins and the buzz evaporates and it feels like everyone is just trying to get through to the last pick so they can pack up and go home.

The fact that you made me agree on something with Florio disappoints me, Rog. And with that said, the pre-draft fatigue wears on. 12 incredibly long days left.

Yours in disappointment,

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