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[UPDATE] 2014 NFL Draft: Bradley Roby *Not* Arrested for OVI


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from WBNS 10TV, former Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby has been arrested for OVI. Roby was reportedly found passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Roby was expected to be one of the top cornerback prospects in this year's NFL draft class. It's fair to wonder if Roby was in consideration for the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 22. For what it's worth (which probably isn't too much), Roby has often been linked to the Eagles in various mock drafts.

It remains to be seen how this arrest affects Roby's "draft stock". For Roby, it's certainly not a good look when the draft is only two weeks away. Funny enough, if the draft wasn't moved back this year, it would actually be taking place tonight.

See what good pushing the draft has done for everyone, NFL?

[Update by Brandon Lee Gowton, 04/25/14 11:31 AM EDT] - Roby takes to Twitter to say he was NOT arrested:

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