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DeSean Jackson Calls Being Released A "Humbling Experience"

Ronald Martinez

Despite signing a big contract with the Washington Redskins on Wednesday, DeSean Jackson did not have a full blown press conference with his new team. Instead, the former Eagles receiver participated in a conference call where only the Washington media was allowed to ask questions. Philadelphia media was only allowed to listen. Here's a Twitter summary of what was said.

I have a hard time buying the idea of a "changed" mentality for Jackson. Washington seems like a place that would tolerate [supposed] bad behavior before it would fix it. We'll see how it works for the Redskins.

And as for Jackson looking forward to playing the Eagles, you can sure bet he's not lying. But if Eagles players don't like DeSean as much as they supposedly do, they are going to love the chance to play him twice a year as well.

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