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Dear NFL, Please Move the Draft Up

The pre-draft period lasts way too long. It's time for the NFL to fix this.


An open letter from Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation to the NFL.

To: "Roger Goodell" (

CC: The National Football League (

Subject Line: We need to talk.

Dear Roger,

I feel like I can call you Roger because you and me are so alike. You run the NFL. I run an Eagles site. We're both pretty important people in great positions of power. Please understand that I wouldn't bother you with something like this if I felt like it would be a waste of your time. Allow me to address you with the PNP (positive, negative, positive) approach.

Positive: The NFL Draft is a really fun event. Free agency is great and all but there's nothing like watching a live TV event where the future of NFL teams can be shaped right before your very eyes. I think you have done a good job with the new three day structure: first round on Thursday night, second and third on Friday night, and fourth through seventh rounds to finish out the draft on Saturday afternoon. I don't have any complaints about that.

Negative: My problem, Roger, is with the buildup to the draft. For years I have always thought the NFL draft takes way too long to get here. So much speculation. Players "rising" and "falling" down draft boards. Endless mock drafts. So many hot takes. Draft Twitter™. All of that stuff. It's just too much, Rog. And now it's even WORSE because the draft was moved back by two weeks! If we had the old schedule back, the draft would be starting this week. But instead, we're still only 18 days away. Ugh.

Positive: Now I know you can't move the date of this year's draft because Radio City is booked with the "Hearts and Lights" show featuring the Rockettes. Just understand that the solution for future years is simple: move the draft back to when it used to be. Late April is fine. If that doesn't work for you, I'm even willing to compromise. How about moving it back just one week instead of two? I still wouldn't prefer that, but at least it would be a little better.

I know you're a busy man, Roger, and I mean you no disrespect. But I -- no, WE -- really need this one. And I don't think I'm asking for much here. You have the power to fix this. With that said, I respect that it's your call to make.

I just hope your decision will be a real 'touchdown'.

Your good friend,

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