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Eagles 2014 Preseason Times and Dates Announced

Who's ready for some preseason football?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The official dates and times for the Eagles' 2014 preseason schedule have officially been announced. Here's how the schedule looks:

Eagles 2014 Preseason Schedule
Game 1 2 3 4
Opponent Bears Patriots Steelers Jets
Date August 8 August 15 August 21 August 28
Time (EST) 8:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM
Location Chicago Foxborough Philadelphia Philadelphia

The official announcement of the 2014 NFL preseason schedule took place last week, but no details of exact dates or times were given. So, now you know!

Preseason football is hardly very enjoyable football but it's still football nonetheless. And lucky (?) enough for Eagles fans, the dress rehearsal (vs. Steelers) takes place in Philadelphia.

For those of you interested in counting down, it's only 113 days from now until the Eagles' first preseason game. Who's ready?

Note: The entire 2014 NFL regular season schedule is expected to be released some time next week. No official date has been announced but several reports indicate the unveiling will take place on April 22nd. As always, BGN will have complete coverage.

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