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VIDEO: Zach Ertz 2013 Eagles Highlights

Ertz so good.

Zach Ertz's stats from 2013 may not seem exceptionally impressive at first glance:

459 snaps: 36 receptions, 469 yards, 13 yards/reception, 4 TD, 0 drops, 0 fumbles

But when you put these numbers into the proper context, they're actually pretty impressive. Take a look at this graph comparing Ertz's rookie season to rookie seasons from the top 15 NFL tight ends by receiving yards in 2013. (Via JimmyK of

If this data is any indication, Ertz is on pace to have a very productive career. There's ample reason to believe Ertz will significantly improve upon his rookie numbers in 2014. Ertz will have an entire offseason in the team program to get ready. Last year Ertz missed the Eagles' organized team activities and mini-camp because he didn't officially graduate until later in the summer. (Damn you, quarters system.) Ertz admitted he wasn't heavily utilized in the team's gameplan until later in the year when he was more comfortable in the offense.

A player's second year is most often where they make the biggest jump of their career. That could be the case for Ertz as well. As you can see in the video above this post, there were times where Ertz "flashed" in 2013. Now it's about turning those flashes into more consistent production. If all goes well, Ertz will be a dangerous receiving threat in the Eagles' offense moving forward.

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