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NFL News: Eli Manning Undergoes Ankle Surgery, Colin Kaepernick Undergoes Investigation

A roundup of some of the biggest stories in the NFL.

Maddie Meyer

Three of the biggest NFL stories that emerged on Thursday don't really have much to do with the Eagles, but they're still noteworthy in the context of the league.

First up, Eli Manning of the New York Giants underwent ankle surgery. Manning isn't expected to miss any truly significant time but he could sit out some of the Giants' offseason program. For a quarterback who threw a career high 27 interceptions last year and will be working with a new offensive coordinator, it's at least a minor inconvenience. Big Blue View has more:

"I went through the recovery and rehab after suffering the sprain," said Manning. "I was still experiencing some discomfort as I began my normal offseason preparation, and after consultation, we felt the right thing was to have Dr. Anderson clean out the ankle. The doc tells me I should be running in about six weeks. I'm looking forward to the start of the offseason program on the 21st. I will be in the weight room and in the meeting rooms so we can all learn the new offense. I got some good work in this week at Duke, and I think it's smart to get this procedure done now so the ankle isn't an ongoing issue. I'm eager to get to work with our new offensive coaches and system."


The fact that Manning may not be able to participate when the Giants get on the field in late May is not comforting.

The Giants have had a busy offseason. They brought in a total of 15 new players, which was the second highest total in the league. There's a good chance New York will pose more of a threat to the Eagles in the NFC East than they did in 2013.

*  *  *

The next big story also involves a high profile NFC quarterback. According to reports, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, along with 49ers WR Quinton Patton and Seahawks WR Ricardo Lockette, is being investigated for a "suspicious incident." Niners Nation put together a FAQ. TMZ originally reported this incident was in regards to a sexual assault, but new information has come to light via a Miami PD spokesperson:

"There's no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault," Pimental said. "This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman's request."

The incident was initially reported online by TMZ as a sexual assault, but Pimental said the celebrity gossip news site "took the report out of context."

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of this. The Eagles travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers this season.

*  *  *

The latest development in the Alex Mack transition tag saga (which is indeed a thing) involves Mack signing a five-year offer sheet with the Jaguars worth $42 million. The deal includes a player opt-out clause after 2015. As Dawgs By Nature points out, the Browns are expected to match the Jags' offer sheet. If they don't match within five days, Mack will be a Jaguar. Must be fun to have the Browns and Jags fighting over you, huh?

The Eagles take on Gus Bus and the Jaguars in the regular season this year. Luckily for the Eagles, they don't have to worry about the contract status of their starting center because they re-signed Jason Kelce to a very fair contract this offseason.

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