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The Latest on Michael Vick

Should the Eagles keep the door open for a Vick return as a backup?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles veteran quarterback Michael Vick's message since the 2013 season ended has remained consistent throughout: he wants to play for a team where he can be the starter. As everyone knows by now, this isn't an opportunity he will have in Philadelphia. So when Vick becomes a free agent next week, it won't be a surprise when he signs with a different team. Everyone's favorite reporter Jason La Canfora confirmed as much on Wednesday night.

But then shortly after La Canfora's tweet, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport relayed a message of his own:

It's clear Vick wants to get a starting job somewhere. But what if he can't find one? It sure would make sense for him to come back to the Eagles. From a talent perspective, Vick would be one of the best backup QB options in the league. Plus he already has familiarity with the team and the system.

Ultimately, I think Vick finds a job elsewhere. But it doesn't hurt for the Eagles to keep the door open just in case.

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