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Is DeSean Jackson "One False Step Away" from Being Cut?

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The NFL offseason can be a fun and crazy time. Rumors, reports, and speculation run rampant. But sometimes these pieces of information don't always say what you want to hear. Case in point: speculation that Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson could be traded this offseason emerged last weekend. Understandably so, people weren't happy to hear this speculation. Jackson has made more than his fair share of big plays in Philadelphia and he's coming off a career year. Not only is he a fan favorite, but he's a really good football player who still has two years left on his contract. Just the proposal of such a proposition seems preposterous. Many suggested this kind of speculation was merely fabricated by the media and there was no real substance to it. But is that truly the case?

Check out this tidbit from Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly, via @ProFootballTalk:

Mosher went on local Philadelphia sports radio station 94WIP shortly after the PFT interview to explain his reasoning behind the "one false step away" comment. While he didn't clearly cite inside sources to back up his claim, he did offer logic as to why a Jackson cut could make sense. Mosher's reasoning he brought up were: Jackson's desire for a raise, the re-signings of Maclin/Cooper, the situation of the burglary at Jackson's South Philly home, the talented wide receiver class in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft, the need for future cap space for extensions for players like Nick Foles/Brandon Boykin/etc., and prior incidents of tension between Jackson and members of the Eagles coaching staff/front office. None of these things seem particularly damn

Well, now this is interesting. When the Jackson trade speculation originally emerged, I claimed the only way a a deal would make sense is if there was some kind of internal issue that no one except for those connected to the Eagles organization was privy to. Howard Eskin kind of hinted that this could be a possibility when he essentially said (paraphrased): "I hear the [Eagles] may be at that point [where they want to trade him] because of his drama."

So what's to make of Mosher's quote? When you put it together with the trade speculation that came out this weekend and the Eskin quote, it seems like there might actually be something to all of this. While I can't personally attest to Mosher's sources, it's hard to think he would go on a national outlet like PFT and say something so incendiary if he didn't have good information.

Still, it just seems almost impossible to believe that the Eagles would simply cut a player of Jackson's caliber and production. Then again, who really knows what's going on behind the scenes? For now, there is no clear answer.

And with that said, the speculation rolls on.

[Note by Brandon Lee Gowton, 03/05/14 6:41 PM EST] - Jeff McLane reports that DeSean Jackson isn't likely to be cut or traded.

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