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NFL Might Consider A 42-Yard Extra Point Attempt

The NFL is considering experimenting with a longer extra-point attempt.


The NFL Competition Committee is considering a significant new change to the NFL rules: a 42-yard extra-point attempt kick. The current extra-point attempt takes place from the 2 yard line. This proposal would move that back to the 25-yard line, making it a 42-yard attempt. It's worth noting the idea isn't considered being brought in without a test run. The NFL would potentially experiment with the new idea during this preseason.

This is hardly the first time the extra-point attempt has come under fire. The NFL has considered eliminating the extra-point attempt entirely. It's no surprise why: it's the most boring play in sports. These plays are completed at such a high frequency that it almost seems like a waste of time. Moving the extra-point back 23 yards wouldn't the make the play so automatic. It would also have a significant impact on making the two-point conversion more rewarding, as Brian Solomon points out.

This extra-point proposal idea had me thinking: how would Eagles kicker Alex Henery fare in this situation? The numbers aren't particularly encouraging. Only 16 of Henery's 74 career field goals have been made from 42 or beyond. That's around 21.6%. Henery is also 24/31 (77.4%) from 40 yards or more in his career. It wouldn't be a surprise to see Eagles fans not exactly thrilled with this rule proposal.

So is this proposal actually a good idea or just another example of unnecessary tinkering? Vote in the poll below.

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