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The Linc - No One to Blame but DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/29/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Stop defending DeSean Jackson | The700Level
It’s times like this where you have to force yourself to step back and look at a situation objectively, not through green-tinted glasses. The Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson, and it is 100 percent Jackson’s fault.

DeSean Jackson's gang connections troubling to Eagles - ESP,
Rather, sources close to Jackson and within the Eagles' organization say, it originally was Jackson's off-field behavior that concerned the front office. A bad attitude, an inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with head coach Chip Kelly were the original reasons for his fall from grace, sources told And when the Eagles looked more deeply into why Jackson was missing meetings, they found that his friends were becoming a more powerful -- and negative -- influence in his life. Then, suddenly, the Eagles had even more serious concerns when they were revealed by -- Jackson's continued association with reputed Los Angeles street gang members who have been connected to two homicides since 2010.

March Madness - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Andy Reid was more tolerant of bad behavior than most fans realize. Reid loved his players and tried to protect them as much as he could. I don’t yet have a feel for Kelly and his attitude. As to this decision, I am curious how much of it was Kelly and how much of it was others in the organization. DeSean does not feel like a Chip Kelly type of player, but at the same time, Kelly is an offensive coach that loves playmakers. DeSean can be a dynamic playmaker. I’m sure Kelly had a hand in this decision, but I don’t know if he was the one who got the ball rolling and pushed for the move to be made. We won’t know that story for a few years, most likely.

To Eagles, Jackson not worth the risk - Mike Sielski, Inquirer
Above all, though, the decisive factor here is the Eagles' deep concern that they "didn't know what they didn't know" about Jackson - that is, they were worried that graver, more damaging information and anecdotes about Jackson may eventually come to light. They did not want to take such a risk, and that risk is more acute and less excusable in a post-Hernandez world.

In the end, Chip Kelly didn't want DeSean Jackson on the Eagles - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
DeSean Jackson didn't change; the Eagles did when Chip Kelly became head coach. The Eagles knew about Jackson's alleged gang connections, his problems with authority, and his locker-room dramas long before Friday, when they released the wide receiver. They knew what they were getting when they drafted him in 2008.

Some Philly clubs cut DeSean before Eagles did - CSN Philly
CSN’s Derrick Gunn -- who reported last week that the Eagles tried to trade Jackson last year -- spoke Friday on "Philly Sports Talk" and provided further insight into the potential reasoning behind the move, both football and non-football related. "No. 1, since DeSean arrived in Philadelphia, he has been a problem off the field for the Eagles," Gunn said. "There have been a number of nightclubs in the area that have basically told DeSean or told DeSean through second parties, ‘We don’t want you back in our nightclubs because he is a disruptive factor.’"

Mark Sanchez: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Breaking Down The Play
The Eagles have recently signed free agent quarterback Mark Sanchez to be Nick Foles back up for the 2014 NFL season. The former New York Jet and 5th overall selection of the 2009 NFL Draft will look to get his career back on track. Lets go into the film room and take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mark Sanchez.

A Fresh Start For QB Sanchez - Dave Spadaro,
What began with two trips to the AFC Championship Game ended with some rough times, tough seasons and now, as an Eagle, Mark Sanchez has a new perspective in his NFL life ...

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