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Poll: Was Releasing DeSean Jackson the Right Move for the Eagles?

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The Philadelphia Eagles shocked everyone on Friday when they released star receiver DeSean Jackson.

The overwhelming reaction to the move was expected: outrage, confusion, anger. How could the Eagles part ways with one of their best talents on the team? Jackson is only 27 and coming off a career season. He's an extremely valuable member of an Eagles offense that was one of the best in the league last season.

At the same time, others have approached the move with understanding. Clearly, this was a calculated move by the Eagles. It was not a decision made in haste. And it's also a decision that wasn't based solely on Jackson's performance on the field. According to an report, there were concerns about Jackson's behavior off the field. In the end, it seems like it's possible like Jackson wasn't released for any one reason, but rather a culmination of them.

Right now, it doesn't look like we don't have all the answers. But what we do have is opinions. So with that said, let's put it to a vote. Obviously, releasing Jackson was hardly a popular move. But was it the right move given the circumstances? Vote in the poll below and discuss in the comments.

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