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Philadelphia Eagles release DeSean Jackson

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Jonathan Ferrey

The day has come.

All of that speculation surrounding DeSean Jackson this offseason was not just mere media fabrication. It turns out there was something to it after all.

Honestly, it's surreal. Jackson, 27, was drafted the by the Eagles in 2008 and has made a career off of making big time plays. He's been with the team for six years now. He's been one of the franchise's most popular players. He's "the man!" And now just like that, he's gone.

This all started in early March when a report from Jimmy Kempski of indicated the Eagles could part ways with Jackson this offseason. The speculation died down for little bit but then picked back up again in recent weeks. Jackson was reportedly being shopped by the Eagles in a trade. Obviously, they couldn't get a deal done,  so they decided to release him.

Jackson's release is both stunning and unprecedented. The star receiver is coming off a career year. It appears the Eagles decision to release Jackson was related to off the field concerns. A report from indicates as much:

Yet the Eagles' apparent interest in jettisoning Jackson likely has little to do with his performance on the field or a big-money contract that could squeeze the team's salary cap. Rather, sources close to Jackson and within the Eagles' organization say, it's Jackson's off-field behavior that concerns the front office. A bad attitude, an inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with head coach Chip Kelly are the reasons, sources told And when the Eagles looked more deeply into why Jackson was missing meetings, they found that his friends were becoming a more powerful -- and negative -- influence in his life.

The Eagles will not be commenting on Jackson's release today.


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