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Mark Sanchez is in Philadelphia to Take a Physical with the Eagles

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The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

According to several reports, free agent quarterback Mark Sanchez is in Philadelphia to visit with the Eagles. Yes, it's really happening.

All that separates Sanchez from signing a contract with the Eagles now is the matter of him passing a physical, which he is expected to do. Eagles doctors will check on the shoulder that caused Sanchez to miss the entire 2013 season for the New York Jets. If all goes well, Sanchez will officially be a member of the Eagles by as early as Thursday.

The Eagles' rumored interest in Sanchez emerged earlier this week. ESPN Insider Chris Mortensen first mentioned the Eagles as a possible landing target for Sanchez, and then later said the Eagles were fully expected to sign him. Sanchez is likely being brought in to compete for a backup quarterback job.

The Sanchize is nigh.