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Chip Kelly on DeSean Jackson: "We're going to do what's best for our team."

Follow along with all of the latest developments in our DeSean Jackson Saga StoryStream.

Rob Carr

The moment everyone was waiting for has finally arrived. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly met with a large contigent of media early on Wednesday morning at the NFL owner's meetings to answer the questions on DeSean Jackson (and more). Unlike Eagles GM Howie Roseman and Eagles owner Jeff Lurie, Kelly was willing to talk about the Eagles' star wide receiver.

Yet again, the Eagles had the chance to end the DeSean Jackson speculation but didn't. There's hardly a ringing endorsement to be found for Jackson in what Kelly had to say. That's not to say Chip didn't have positive things about Jackson, because clearly he did. But he didn't do anything to give the sense that Jackson will definitely be back next season. And with that said, the offseason saga continues.

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