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2014 NFL Draft Order: Philadelphia Eagles Round by Round Draft Picks


Now that the NFL compensatory picks have been awarded, we now have an idea of the precise 2014 NFL Draft order. Note: as projected, the Eagles did not receive any compensatory picks. This is due to their activity in free agency last offseason (signed 9 players, let 6 walk). As it currently stands, the Philadelphia Eagles will have 6 picks in the 2014 NFL draft. Here's how they stack up:

Round 1 - 22
Round 2 - 54
Round 3 - 86
Round 4 - 122
Round 5 - 162
Round 7 - 237

If it looks like a pick is missing, that's because it is. The Eagles traded their original round 6 pick (198), along with veteran NT Isaac Sopoaga, to New England for the Patriots' 5th round pick (169). That's an increase of 29 spots, which isn't too bad considering the Eagles were ready to move on from Sopoaga. The Eagles since traded the 169th pick to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for offensive weapon Darren Sproles.

Heading into the 2014 NFL Draft with six picks, as it stands, is a little disappointing for the Eagles. A number of people, from NFL draft analyst Mike Mayock to Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, have declared the 2014 draft class to be the best in years. Last week, BGN suggested how the Eagles could acquire more picks. The Eagles have a few trades pieces to work with. They could also look into trading down depending on how things shake out during the draft.

I'm not sure how it will get done, but I would be surprised to see the Eagles unable to add at least one more pick before the draft gets here.

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