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Howie Roseman Won't Talk About DeSean Jackson

Eagles GM Howie Roseman met with the media on Monday but refused to give any insight on the status of DeSean Jackson.

Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is in Orlando, Florida this week as part of the NFL Owners Meetings. Roseman met with some media on Monday and was asked about, you guessed it, the status of DeSean Jackson. This is the first time an Eagles representative has met with the media since the Jackson trade speculation started to gain serious public traction.

Rather predictably, Roseman declined to give any real insight on Jackson's status. When asked about the star wide receiver, Roseman refused to discuss him. "[DeSean] is still under contract for us, and until there's anything to report on our players, that's where we are now," Roseman explained.  He also refused to reveal whether he's been in communication with DeSean by saying, "conversations with players are private." The Eagles' GM said he wouldn't talk about Jackson because it's "important to build trust with players."

Roseman also declined comment on the Woody Johnson incident from Sunday where the Jets owner said the Eagles have interest in acquiring Jackson. Johnson's remarks could be viewed as a case of tampering, but Roseman maintained he hadn't read the full quote and avoided elaborating further.

The organization's non-denial regarding Jackson is something that has remained consistent this offseason. The Eagles have had many opportunity to shoot down the rumors and reports but it just hasn't happened. It's painfully obvious by now that Jackson's future with the Eagles is in serious doubt. At this point it really seems like a matter of "when" and not "if".

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is scheduled to meet with the media on Wednesday and will likely be peppered with questions about Jackson as well. I have the feeling he won't be saying much either, though.

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