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The Linc - Will DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick Be Reunited on the Jets?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/23/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

DeSean Basically DeGone - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Right now the Eagles know all the facts. We don’t. We can only speculate about what caused a seemingly benign situation to go toxic so quickly. It sure feels like the Eagles know something we don’t. Back in 1990 the Eagles made a shocking cut of a gifted young WR. Cris Carter hauled in 11 TD passes in 1989 and was given his walking papers after the season was over. The Eagles caught a lot of flak for this. Buddy Ryan’s infamous response, "All he does is catch touchdowns." Later on we found out that Carter was an alcoholic and drug addict. Carter will tell you that Buddy Ryan not only saved his career, but saved his life by cutting him. Carter had his"moment of clarity" when he got cut. That caused him so sober up and change his life. My point isn’t to say that DeSean has the same situation as Carter did, but rather that there could be unknowns that will help the situation to make more sense down the road.

Michael Vick’s departure leaves Eagles thin at QB - Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly
The best fit for Kelly’s system is a quarterback who’s under contract but isn’t part of his current team’s plans. Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor is likely the odd man out in Oakland, which just traded for Matt Schaub and had already promoted Matt McGloin over Pryor last year. With the Raiders likely to draft another quarterback, the 6-foot-6, 233-pound Pryor is almost definitely headed for the exits. Pryor, who clocked a 4.38 in the 40, is freakishly talented athlete who could probably have his talents maximized in Kelly’s offense.

Fan-Demonium: Young Talent Is A Must - Tommy Lawlor,
Free agency is an incredibly exciting time of the year. The action is fast and furious for about 10 days, with fans living and dying with every rumor. Free agent signings are like Christmas presents. Everyone has a wish list, but you never know what you'll get. When the signing is the player you wanted, it makes the deal all that much sweeter. There are disappointments as well, but that's all part of the fun. As fun as free agency is, it still takes a backseat to the draft. Free agency is how you fix roster holes and find immediate answers to needs. It isn't how you build a team. The NFL Draft is the lifeblood of successful teams. You want to find young talent and you also want to find players who your staff can develop. One of the problems with acquiring veteran players is that they are set in their ways.

A Potential Vick-DeSean Reunion? - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
"If there’s an opportunity to get DeSean," Vick said, via the New York Daily News, "I’m pretty sure the New York Jets fans would be in high favor of that. But who knows? It takes a lot to make a trade happen. …It’s not for us as players to try to decide. Hopefully everything works out for DeSean. If he is up in New York, we’ll be happy – just as happy as he will be. But who knows? We can’t say."

No D-Jax? No J-Roll? No Problem! - FakeWIPCaller, The700Level
DeSean Jackson is bad news. He asked for a new contract one time. His house got robbed. Clearly, all the drama this guy brings is more trouble than he’s worth. And besides- it’s Riley Cooper’s time now. Cooper showed last season that he’s able to overcome adversity, redeem himself completely, and emerge as a true No. 1 receiver and leader. Cooper even got a big new contract, which is proof that here in America, anyone who gets drunk and drops n-bombs at a country music concert can succeed. We don’t need a prima donna like Jackson around to get in his way. Howard Eskin made a good point on the morning show today- even HE could catch 50 balls in the Chip Kelly offense. And whether Jackson stays or goes, the Eagles sure do have a ton of weapons on offense. So ha ha ha, Donovan.

Ex-Eagle Vincent a man with a plan - John Smallwood, Daily News
WHEN YOU cover any group of professional athletes for an extended amount of time, you get a sense of which ones are only living in the moment and which ones always have the gears turning in their heads with a look to the future. Former Eagles cornerback Troy Vincent was one of those guys you always knew had a well-designed plan for what was going to be next after his playing career ended.

NFL free agency 2014: Best and worst signings after Week 2 - SB Nation NFL
Sproles is an absolutely perfect fit for Chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia. Kelly loves getting his backs involved in the passing game (LeSean McCoy had over 50 receptions last season), particularly on screens. Small and shifty, Sproles excels in the type of open space he'll see in Philly. He's had over 70 receptions in each of the last three seasons with the Saints. You can't have a better quarterback than the one he had in New Orleans, but you could do a lot worse than Nick Foles.

The draft: When 13=1 | National Football Post
Thinking about moving up a few spots in the draft? Think again.

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