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Report: DeSean Jackson Hasn't Returned Chip Kelly's Calls

Communication issues?

According to a report from Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly, DeSean Jackson hasn't been in communication with Eagles head coach Chip Kelly since the end of last season.

This report follows a Tim McManus report from earlier in the week that stated DeSean Jackson is aware of the trade rumors surrounding his name. The problem, though, is that Jackson's camp claims to be kept in the dark about the star receiver's future status with the team. The report from McManus seemed to imply the Eagles have not made an effort to contact Jackson.

"We're in the dark like everyone else," said a source close to Jackson. "[We] thought [Chip Kelly] would at least be worthy of some kind of communication."

It's interesting because Kelly isn't known for being a poor communicator. In fact, it's just the opposite. Kelly is known for being a great communicator. From the McManus story, referencing the 2012 offseason:

"I called everybody," said Kelly. "I called Brent Celek when we took a tight end and James Casey. I called Mike [Vick] and we talked to Jason Peters and we talked to Todd Herremans. It’s just kind of the way we’ve done things. When we signed people in free agency I called our guys just to make sure they know where we were. I’m really big on open communication. I don’t want there to be gray areas. I think sometimes there are gray areas because there’s a lack of communication between people."

So if Jackson knows is confused about where he stands with the team, why isn't he answering Kelly's calls?

Perhaps the Eagles haven't tried to contact Jackson after all. Or maybe Jackson just doesn't want to hear things he doesn't like.

Either way, it looks like what we've got here is failure to communicate.

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