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BGN Mailbag: Expectations for Nick Foles, DeSean Jackson's Future, and More

Eagles Q&A.

Welcome to the BGN Mailbag. It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so I thought I'd get one going. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who sent in a question. I couldn't get to all of them, but here are the ones I did answer.

To the Q&A...

@Mascione_45 asks: What are your expectations for Foles in year 2?

This is a question that's sure to be on everyone's mind. Nick Foles played really well in 2013, but can he replicate that kind of success in 2014? Teams will have a full offseason to study Foles and attempt to exploit his weaknesses. Then there's the regression factor: it's really hard to see Foles repeating a historical touchdown-interception ratio. It seems like there's only room for Foles to go down from the high levels of 2013.

But at the same time, Foles will have a full offseason to work on the things in his game he needs to clean up. He's a hard worker as anyone and he knows he has room to improve. One of my concerns with Foles last year is that he left too many easy plays on the field. The first half of the Vikings and Saints games come to mind in that regard. Foles had receivers open that he just wasn't seeing for some reason.

My reasonable expectation for Foles is a viable starting quarterback who won't post the same kind of numbers as he did in 2013, but will still be a good starter.

@TheGalviz_05 asks: Who needs a more urgent future replacement Trent Cole/ DeMeco Ryans or Cary Williams/ Bradley Fletcher?

I've maintained before that the Eagles' cornerbacks are solid but unspectacular. Adding Nolan Carroll in free agency adds immediate depth in this area, but a long-term answer at cornerback is still needed. That said, I think the Eagles can get away with average cornerbacks. The front seven is more of a priority. That's an area where this team needs to get stronger, especially due to the 3-4 scheme they employ. I imagine the Eagles will add long-term replacements for Cole and Ryans this offseason.

@Jospeh_Malone asks: Expectations for Cox? Is he someone to build around or more of a complement?

Fletcher Cox is a building block on a defensive line that already boasts youth and talent. He's only 23 and has showed real potential at times. I expect him to develop into more of a complete player as he becomes comfortable as a 3-4 defensive end.

@GoneTilt asks: Does the signing of Malcolm Jenkins change Boykin's role? Does he still stay a slot CB or move to more of an outside role?

As we've already discussed on BGN, the signing of Jenkins gives the Eagles a lot of flexibility on defense. As Dave suggested in his post, it's possible the Eagles could use Jenkins to match up against bigger receivers in the slot. But the Eagles need to find a way to get Boykin on the field more often, not less, because he's pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't see the team moving him on the outside. They just don't like having a corner who's small out there.

@Philatticus asks: better chances: DeSean an Eagle for '14; Byron Mullens on an NBA roster in '14?

Oh man, what a question.

Since this is an Eagles blog, I won't assume you're all privy to the Sixers. The Sixers probably the worst team in the NBA (despite not having the worst record) and Byron Mullens plays for them. He is probably one of the worst players I have ever watched. That said, some team will probably value a player of Mullens' size who can (theoretically) make a three point shot. He also has a player option for next year, meaning it's up to him whether he wants to return to the Sixers. Even if the Sixers cut him, I imagine someone will sign him for some reason.

DeSean, on the other hand... well, his days in Philadelphia seem numbered.

What a depressing answer.

@JNisula asks: Is it legal in the NFL to dress up a rhinoceros in uniform and have it run for touchdowns?

I'm not sure if there's anything in the CBA that says players have to be human. But believe it or not, the New York Giants actually have one on their roster.

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