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The Linc - What Could the Eagles Receive in a Trade For DeSean Jackson?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/21/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

DeSean Jackson might not even attract a 3rd round pick - JimmyK,
The value of DeSean Jackson to the Eagles and what teams will give up for him are two completely different things.

Where Things Stand - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The NFL owners meetings are coming up next week. There is plenty of talk between teams about potential deals. You can bet more than a team or two will inquire about the status of DeSean Jackson. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. The Eagles could go and inquire about some possible trade targets. I mentioned OLB Shea McClellin as one possibility. That’s a complete guess on my part. The Eagles keep lists of players they liked from previous drafts and will check on the status of those players. You never know when someone could be available at the right price.

Twitter Mailbag: QBs, DeSean And Picks - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
I have heard the theory that the Eagles are trying to send a message to Jackson by allowing the rumor to live and grow, but I don't buy it. Jackson was as engaged as he's ever been last season; had the best year he's ever had. Why are they intentionally tweaking him again? Because he suggested that he wouldn't mind some more security in his contract at an inopportune time? Because he got into a verbal spat with his receivers coach? I don't see it.

The pros and cons to trading DeSean Jackson - Andrew Kulp, The700LevelT
The Eagles could wait and see how things go with Jackson and trade him down the road if things aren’t working out for whatever reason, but that plan could also backfire. What if he gets injured or his play declines? Worse, what if Jackson has a meltdown over his contract situation in the meantime and reduces his value even further? Or worse yet, the situation becomes so untenable, the Eagles would have to cut him anyway if they can’t make a swap, so potential suitors decide to wait it out and they get nothing in return? By getting a deal done right now, this offseason, the Eagles would ensure that at least they got something back on their investment before things go downhill. Considering the player we are talking about, you have to agree it a strong possibility.

Eric Winston, new NFLPA president, is ready to play hardball with NFL | The MMQB with Peter King
But new NFLPA president Eric Winston is ready to play hardball with the NFL. Just ask him about Roger Goodell and HGH testing.

NFL free agency assessment on money, contracts, players, more | The MMQB with Peter King
What’s the real story behind all the funny money being handed out to players? Which signings, big-name or otherwise, turned heads from a financial perspective? Answers to both questions as we evaluate what’s gone down so far.

Six Things Younger Fans Don’t Remember About Sports Media | The Tailgater
The world was a different place 25 years ago, and the sports fan’s world was even more different. It’s so easy to complain about the idiocy of ESPN prefabricated arguments or the rancor of Internet message boards that it is easy to forget how new, novel and (in many ways) wonderful around-the-clock sports coverage and interconnectivity really are.

NFL evolution: How safety became the most significant position on D | The MMQB with Peter King
In recent years no position on defense has become more significant than safety, both free and strong. Defensive coordinators rely on complex schemes to create pressure and, just as important, the illusion of pressure.

Jay Mariotti writes the most perfectly terrible sports column in world history. You should read it. - PFT Commenter, SB Nation NFL
Hey folks if I were to tell you that Jay Mariotti wrote a column taking credit for Obama being President while also saying "Stick to not sports" while also accusing him of showing off by pronouncing things correctly, while also blaming him personally for not discovering the wreckage of a jumbo jet, you would probably say "Yeah, seems about right."

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