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The Linc - The Media's Role in the DeSean Jackson Story

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/20/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

The DeSean Story and the Media - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Some of you are angry with Jimmy Bama. I love to joke around about him, but I’ll be serious for a minute. Jimmy worked hard and earned a spot at His job there is to write about the Eagles. They haven’t put any pressure on him to break news and be a reporter. Jimmy’s initial piece was speculation based on some evidence that was piling up. Jimmy never said "THEY’RE TRADING DESEAN!!!". Jimmy introduced the idea of the DeSean trade to the mainstream. We don’t know if he came up with the idea on his own or was given a hint, but either way I think the piece he wrote was fair and responsible. He made the case for why DeSean could be dealt, but also explained why that wouldn’t make sense. Jimmy had no agenda. He was simply sharing a theory. Jimmy isn’t anti-DeSean. Not even close.

A review of the Top 10 WRs in the upcoming draft - JimmyK,
Beckham's production in 2013 is particularly impressive, considering he shared targets with Jarvis Landry, another very talented receiver likely to be drafted reasonably high this year. Other receivers across the nation are the focal points of their offenses, and therefore have more gaudy numbers. Beckham has big, strong hands, great RAC ability (a common theme among this WR class), and would be a far more explosive big play threat than Jason Avant out of the slot. Beckham is also a dangerous kick and punt returner.

What we know and don't know about DeSean Jackson - Nick Fierro, MCall
"There is no way he's an Eagle this year," yet another person close to Jackson told The Morning Call. "However it leaked out, it leaked out, and now this is what you have."

Eagles' silence speaks volumes - Les Bowen, Daily News
THE BIGGEST indicator that the Eagles are willing to trade DeSean Jackson remains the fact that the team hasn't responded to reports, or talked to Jackson about 2 weeks-plus of trade speculation, even after reading and hearing that Jackson is bothered by what he's hearing.

Kendricks Backs DeSean - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
Linebacker Mychal Kendricks isn’t buying into the narrative that DeSean Jackson is a drag on the locker room, according to’s Marc Sessler. Kendricks went on to call Jackson "misunderstood," said that he was very focused last year and "didn’t give anybody problems."

FiveThirtyEight | The Vicious Cycle of Drafting Quarterbacks
If a team’s in the market for a quarterback early in the 2014 draft, the odds are good that it has picked one highly in the recent past.

Barwin: LB Braman Ready To Shine - Dave Spadaro,
Connor Barwin understands Bryan Braman, knows all about the path he’s taken to the NFL and the way he’s moved up the ladder. Now that Braman is an Eagle, Barwin plans to reach out and help.

Who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time? -
Donovan McNabb is a 5 seed matched up against Kurt Warner as a 4 seed.

PFT Commenter's 2014 NCAA bracket prediction - SB Nation NFL
Hey folks welcome to the 2014 bracket done by me, PFT Commenter. I dont care for roundball but I know enough about geography and genrenal United States culture to say with confidants that Baracket Obrackets Presidential predictions are going to have more holes in it than Hillarys Benghazi testimony and THATS a fact.

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