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The Linc - Eagles Shouldn't Pass on Drafting a Quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/2/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles' signings of Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper could signal a DeSean Jackson trade - JimmyK,
The Eagles are not going to shop Jackson. The instant they do, they'll forfeit any negotiating advantage they may have in trying to recoup acceptable value in return. This is especially true with a personality like Jackson, who comes with a history of character concerns. However, if another team came calling, the Eagles certainly wouldn't laugh and hang up. There's an opinion among some in the Eagles organization that Jackson's personality is not a great fit with the locker room culture that Chip Kelly is trying to cultivate, and the Eagles could be open to trading him.

An Interesting Theory - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The Eagles re-signed Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper this week. That led to a lot of positive vibes. Except in the case of Jimmy Bama. He decided to look behind the moves and try to connect some dots. Bama then came up with this theory: the Eagles could be preparing to trade DeSean Jackson. Say what? Didn’t DeSean just have the best year of his career? What is Mr Bama thinking? Before you rip Jimmy’s theory, at least hear him out. There is logic to his thinking. The Eagles have allocated more money to the WR position than all but one team in the league. That is interesting for a team that led the league in rushing and wants to focus on running the ball. DeSean is due major money this season, and in the future.

Bubble Screens and Welcome Back Mac! - ChipWagon
Today, we will talk about the bubble screen and towards the end of the post we will show how newly signed Jeremy Maclin might just be the ideal missing piece from the 2013 offense with this play in mind. The bubble screen is an interesting component of the offense that Chip certainly carried over from his time at Oregon. As you will see, it really is a play that stretches the field horizontally and can lead to explosive RAC on the outside, to a deep shot downfield, but also to open up the running game.

Eagles' best play: Don't pass on picking a QB - Mike Sielski, Inquirer
This isn't about finding a better fit for Kelly's offense than Nick Foles or challenging Nick Foles or even creating competition for Nick Foles. At the combine last week, Roseman did everything short of brandishing pompons and high-kicking his legs to show his and the organization's support for Foles, and from a practical standpoint, the notion that the Eagles are or ought to be thinking about replacing him, at least for the next year, is silly. No, this is about the intrinsic value of the position and the benefits

Eagles free-agent targets: Steven Hauschka - CSN Philly
Super Bowl champion? Check. Perfect on postseason kicks? Check. Kicked for an outdoor team that often plays in gusty, inclement weather? Check. Has enough leg for the long ball? Check. OK, I’m convinced. Don’t see a reason not to sign him. There’s a chance Alex Henery develops into a more reliable kicker with a better leg, but the Eagles can’t be in wait-and-see mode for another season, not while they’re trying to win the Super Bowl. If the Eagles sign just one guy in free agency this year, and it’s Hauschka, I’d considered it a productive offseason.

Three Leftovers On the Maclin Deal - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
DeSean Jackson led the Eagles in targets last year with 126. Riley Cooper was second with 84 and Jason Avant third (76). LeSean McCoy had 65; Zach Ertz 56; and Brent Celek 50. Among that group, the only player who likely won't be back is Avant. Meanwhile, the Eagles are adding Jeremy Maclin back to the mix and potentially more, depending on what they do in the draft and free agency. So a question worth asking is: Will there be enough targets to go around?

Stage Set After Busy Week - Dave Spadaro,
This is the set-up week, the one that begins the wheels in motion for NFL's free agency and then the draft. The Eagles signed four players in three days, capping it off with a Jeremy Maclin one-year deal on Friday.

Where does your team play football? - kc-flygreen, BGN FanPost
One hot topic earlier this offseason was whether there should be additional cold weather city hosts for the Super Bowl. I say, why not Philly? If the "New York" teams can host in the swamps of North Jersey in sniffing distance of the refineries, why shouldn't another large and historic city get the chance to host... in the actual city??!? If the Big Game can be awarded to the home stadiums of the East Rutherford Jets & Giants, the Arlington Cowboys, the Glendale Cardinals and the soon-to-be Santa Clara 49ers, there should be no problem allowing the Philadelphia Eagles to host in Philadelphia, right?

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