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The Linc - DeSean Jackson Trade Rumors Roundup

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/19/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Report: Eagles listening to offers for DeSean Jackson - JimmyK,
The thinking that Jackson could be on his way out of Philly was never merely speculation, as reported by on March 1st, as it was believed by some in the Eagles organization that Jackson did not fit within the locker room culture that Chip Kelly was trying to create. However, Gunn's report is the first that definitively says the Eagles are ready to swing a deal for Jackson, and specifically notes what the Eagles are looking for in return.

[BLG Note: So much for Kempski completely fabricating a story out of nothing, huh?]

The DeSean Chronicles - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Many of you would like this story to go away and prove to be much ado about nothing. That just doesn’t seem realistic at this point. The Eagles have had multiple chances to publicly address the story and kill it. Each time they danced around the subject. The response from some is that the Eagles don’t address rumors, but this is one they would kill in a flash if it was totally bogus. Add in the fact that DeSean hasn’t heard from Chip Kelly or anyone else about the rumors and I think you would be naive to think this is just noise.

Eagles' DeSean Jackson situation out of hand - John Gonzalez, CSN Philly
Distilled to its essence, this is the situation: Reports persist about the Eagles being open to the possibility of moving Jackson. Jackson is aware of those reports. Jackson has not been contacted by management. Jackson, according to his people, isn’t so thrilled about that. If the Eagles bring him back – and it feels like a bigger and bigger if with each day and each subsequent report -- that’s the Jackson they’re likely to have on hand: the not-so-thrilled version. That is not the Jackson anyone prefers. The situation has reached critical mass. And now we brace for the attendant boom.

Five Thoughts: State Of the Eagles - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
In my opinion, one of two things is happening. One, the team is looking to move Jackson. Or two, the rumors are unfounded, but given Jackson's comments about his contract following the season, the team is in no mood to provide him any reassurances. The second scenario is less likely, given Kelly's open-communication policy and the fact that we saw how a distracted Jackson performed back in 2011.

NFC East free agency roundup, Cowboys edition - JimmyK,
If Dallas is happy to hang onto hope that this team is worth keeping intact for the next few years, while still being in worse cap shape than the rest of the NFL, they're delusional. The way I see it, If I were a GM given the chance to take over the Cowboys or the laughingstock Raiders with their sub-expansion level roster, I'd choose the Raiders in a heartbeat. They are already two years ahead of the Cowboys.

Brees disappointed Saints lost Sproles - Mike Garafalo, Fox Sports
"I think a Darren Sproles only comes around once in your lifetime, in my career and in everybody's career," Brees told FOX Sports and USA Today Sports at the NFL Players Association player rep meetings. "There may be another one 15, 20 years from now. But there's not many guys like Darren Sproles. He's a special player, he's a special person, he's a special teammate. I'm lucky to have had the chance to play with him on two teams -- '05 in San Diego when we drafted him in the (fourth) round and three years in New Orleans."

Attempting to create the worst 2014 NFL mock draft possible. |
Anyone can assemble a pretty good mock draft. But it takes a high level of skill and misguidance to set out to create the worst mock draft possible. So let's find the worst first-round fits for each team, and maybe we'll learn something about them.

NFL replay and playoff expansion are on the agenda for league meetings | The MMQB with Peter King
When referees go under the hood for challenges next season, they might get to consult officiating czar Dean Blandino in the league office ... plus, more agenda items for next week’s league meetings (playoff expansion by 2015!) and how free agency has transformed the NFL’s middle class

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