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Cowboys have interest in former Browns QB Brandon Weeden

Because why not?

Could I be the next Chad Hutchinson?
Could I be the next Chad Hutchinson?
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys will continue their odd offseason with a visit from former first round pick and Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden on Monday, according to ESPN Dallas. Oklahoma State alum has been on the street since the Browns cut him earlier this month and this would be his first reported visit.

While you may be scratching your head at the Cowboys interest in Weeden (and you're probably not), this completely fits the Jerry Jones' way of thinking. Dallas has a history of overpaying for older backups with little NFL success. Kyle Orton and Jon Kitna both were starters in the league that came up less than successful during their stints at the top of the depth chart.

Weeden in two seasons as a Browns starter went a putrid 5-15 and fits with the Orton and Kitna mold of putting up big numbers with little results. Kitna was replaced in Seattle, Cincinnati and Detroit, while Orton was replaced in Chicago and Denver. Weeden was benched for the likes of Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer in Cleveland.

A lack of success isn't Weeden's only similarity to past Cowboys quarterbacks. Failed baseball players returning to football to play quarterback in the NFL also have a history in Dallas. Chad Hutchinson played for Dallas for two seasons after appearing in three games with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2001. Drew Henson appeared in three games for the Yankees in 2002 and signed with the Texans in 2003. After he flamed out in Houston, he was picked up by Dallas and appeared in seven games for the Cowboys over two seasons.

Both of their stints were utter failures, the likes of which made Quincy Carter look like Warren Moon. Weeden actually never made it to the big leagues and quit baseball in 2005 to go to Oklahoma State. However, he hasn't done anything to really stop a comparison between him and the former Dallas passers.

Believe it or not, a move for Weeden would make the quarterback room a bit younger, as he would likely replace Orton. Weeden is a spry 30 and is 11 months younger than Orton, who is contemplating retirement. You read that correctly, Weeden a is two-year veteran, who is less than a year younger than a 10-year player on the verge of retirement. Who wouldn't want a guy like that?

Clearly, the Cowboys are looking toward developing talent...

[Note by Brandon Lee Gowton, 03/17/14 4:01 PM EDT] - It's official: Weeden signs with the Cowboys.

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