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Former Eagles News: 2010 East-West Shrine Game MVP Mike Kafka to sign with Cowboys, according to report

The Kafka is coming!!!

Kevin C. Cox

It looks like the Dallas Cowboys may take the Redskins title when it comes to top third-string quarterbacks. Dallas is set to sign one-time (like three throws vs. the Falcons in 2011) Eagles all-world quarterback Mike Kafka to a contract, according to the Fort Worth Telegram's Clarence Hill. The Cowboys will be the fourth team in four years to be blessed by the bald-headed warrior's presence.

Kafka has been minding his own bees wax for the better part of a year, after being cut by the Jaguars at the end of the last preseason. So if you are keeping track at home, Jon Kitna has been employed by an NFL team more frequently than Kafka. What's up with that?

Anyway, Kafka is likely being signed to help carry the load in OTAs with backup Kyle Orton, as Tony Romo recovers from surgery. He has limited game experience and likely would not be in a competition for the backup position. It seems to be a long cry from when fans stood behind Kafka as the Eagles backup in 2011. That said, being cut for Trent Edwards should have the earliest sign of a lack of talent.

Well, congratulations to the Cowboys.

[Note by Brandon Lee Gowton, 02/06/14 10:46 PM EST] Never Forget.

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