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Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Which Ads Were the Best?

For a full recap and video of every Super Bowl commercial, check out SBNation's Super Bowl commercial hub.

The general consensus surrounding the slew of 2014 Super Bowl commercials seems to be that they weren't very impressive overall. That said, I thought there were a few standouts. And funny enough, the best Super Bowl commercial is the one most people probably did not see it. It was a local advertisement (video above) that aired in the Savannah, Georgia area. To be honest, it may have been the best commercial I've ever seen.

Another commercial that caught my eye was... oh yes... the Tim Tebow T-Mobile commercial. Tebow's acting skills were solid and the concept was entertaining. I always wondered what Tebow had been doing this year.

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SB Nation put together a list of the best of the best, which you can watch here:

Which ones were your favorite? Or least favorite?

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