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NFL Salary Cap Projected to Rise to Around $133 Million

Even more money!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The money just keeps on coming. Last week, ESPN reported that the 2014 salary cap was projected to increase to around $130 million, which was a 5% raise from 2013's cap of $123 million. According to a new report by ESPN, that number is expected to be even higher. Adam Schefter is reporting that the salary cap is expected to be about $133 million in 2014. That number will only increase in future years with a total of $140M in 2015 and $150M by 2016.

As I explained last week, this means that teams will have an easier time re-signing their pending free agents. A higher cap number also helps teams like the Dallas Cowboys, who are way over the cap, get back under the limit. The cap increase is especially good news for teams like the Cowboys with little to spend.

What this means for the Eagles, however, is that they will have more money to spend as well. Bryce Johnston of expects the Eagles to have ~$29 million in cap space. And that's accounting for the new contracts for Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Riley Cooper. (Johnston also assumes Avant will be cut, which is a fair expectation based on reports.)

Just because the Eagles have all that money in store doesn't mean they will spend it all. They still have to consider saving some for the future. But it surely gives them the financial flexibility to operate as they choose.

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