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The Linc - Riley Cooper Wants the Eagles to Re-Sign Jeremy Maclin

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/28/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Macro analysis of the 48 sacks the Eagles allowed last season - JimmyK,
As the chart shows, only 17 of the Eagles' 48 sacks allowed came when one of the Eagles' offensive linemen was clearly beaten by the opponent he was trying to block. That's only 1 per game. That shows that the Eagles don't lack for talent along their OL, but have some things to figure out elsewhere.

Big Deals for Everyone!!! - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
I really do like the fact the Eagles are spending money on their own players. The best teams develop and keep their own players. The key to making that system work is drafting the right guys and then developing them into the kind of players you want to keep. Think about what the Eagles did today. They gave big money to a 5th round pick from 2010 and a 6th round pick from 2011. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Cooper And the Value Question - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
There is something to be said for signing a player that has a connection with the quarterback and has proven to be a fit for the system, as opposed to gambling on a free agent that may or may not take. It can also be suggested that Kelly's offense is player-friendly, and that Cooper -- who had more yards and touchdowns in 2013 than in the previous three years combined -- was in some ways a product of that system. In one sense that's irrelevant -- it doesn't matter why a player is productive, only that he is productive -- except when it comes to determining value. Could someone else provide a similar service for a cheaper price or better service for a comparable price, in other words.

Riley Cooper wants Jeremy Maclin back 'ASAP' - Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly
Not long after he signed an extension to stay with the Eagles, wide receiver Riley Cooper lobbied for the team to bring back his friend. "I'm hoping we can get Jeremy Maclin back ASAP," Cooper said Thursday. "I don't know what's going on with that whole deal, but I'm hoping they can come to terms because he's only going to make this team better."

Roseman: We're Taking Care Of Our Own - Alex Smith,
Before the 2011 season, the Eagles went on a free agent shopping spree, signing a number of big-name players, creating the biggest splash in that season’s free agency period. After winning 12 games over the next two seasons, the front office knew that something had to change. In order to once again become a contender, the Eagles had to build from within by drafting the right players, developing them and retaining them before they hit the open market. On Thursday, the Eagles announced long-term contracts for both center Jason Kelce (seven years) and wide receiver Riley Cooper (five years) and, in doing so, general manager Howie Roseman demonstrated that not only will homegrown players be rewarded for their production, but that the thought-process of the entire organization has gone through an overhaul.

Cooper's deal comes down to timing - Bob Ford, Inquirer
More than seven weeks elapsed last year between the time an inebriated Riley Cooper shouted a racial slur at a security guard keeping him from the backstage presence of Kenny Chesney and when the cellphone video of that incident was made public. In the interim, a lot of things happened. The video made its way from the phone of a young lady who was hanging on the periphery of the action that evening and into the hands of some high-quality friends who eventually thought they would like to make some money by messing up someone else's life.

Know the 2014 NFL free agents: Eagles S Nate Allen - Matt Conner, Arrowhead Pride
[BLG Note: I helped contribute to this.] - With the free agent season looming, our own Matt Verderame has been profiling various 2014 NFL free agents and their potential fit with the Kansas City Chiefs. To follow up, we're asking various experts from around the SB Nation network about these specific players to gain more insight as possible additions for the Chiefs.

2014 Al Davis Memorial mock draft: Everyone needs athletes - Ryan Van Bibber, SBN NFL
22. Philadelphia Eagles - Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
Verrett did well at the combine, and makes a ton of sense for the Eagles, who seem to be doing everything right these days. This pick will be widely panned by analysts convinced that Varrett will never be able to master Chip Kelly's unworkable system, whatever that is.

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