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Super Bowl Odds: Seahawks vs. Broncos Pick Against the Spread

Here's my suggestion when trying to beat Vegas.

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Before Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off today, I thought we'd have some fun by looking at the spread for the biggest game of the year. You can find all of the Super Bowl betting information on the SB Nation odds page. Click here for a complete list of the 2014 Super Bowl proposition bets. This is my suggestion when trying to beat Vegas.

Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos (-3) vs. Seahawks

The Denver Broncos enter the final game of the year as the favorites. This sense makes considering their regular season and playoff success. The Broncos averaged a whopping 37.9 points scored per game. The Denver offense is downright explosive with Peyton Manning leading the way. In a league where the rules seem to favor the offensive side of the ball, it's hard to see the Broncos not scoring a lot of points. The Broncos' status as the favorite is echoed by the community. 64% of the BGN community thinks Denver will win. 67% of the BGN staff is leaning the same way.

On the other hand, Seattle's defense only allowed 14.4 points per game this season. The Seahawks secondary (the Legion of the Boom) is physical and causes turnovers. They will make life rough as can be for Manning. Seattle should also have an edge when it comes to stopping Denver's run game.

Taking Seattle, along with the points, is tempting. But it's not how I'm going to pick. Peyton Manning is a man on a mission. The 2013 season started when him throwing an NFL record seven touchdowns and it's going to end with him hoisting a Lombardi and winning Super Bowl MVP honors. It's time to ride.

Pick: Denver Broncos -3

As for the over/under, that's set at 48. Given the magnitude of the Broncos offense, I'm tempted to take the over. I'm not as interested in this bet, but that's my advice for you.

Pick: Over

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