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Projecting the Philadelphia Eagles' 2014 Starting Lineup

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Pro Football Focus is running a series where they take a look at the projected starting lineup as it stands now for all 32 NFL teams. These rosters will obviously look a lot different after the changes made in free agency and the 2014 NFL draft. For now, it's a good chance to gauge the state of a roster heading into the offseason. One of their latest editions of this series revolves around the Eagles. PFF created a color-coded chart of the Eagles' projected 2014 starting lineup and explained their reasoning behind their projections. Here's the chart:

Some observations:

• The first thing that pops out is the Eagles have no players rated as "poor starters/gamble" or "unknown." That seems like a positive sign.

• On the other hand, the Eagles do have 5 players rated as below average. Four of those are on the defense. Both safeties are below average, which I'm sure most Eagles backers think is way too generous. Earl Wolff has the potential to develop into an adequate starter but Patrick Chung was beyond below average last year. He was a poor starter. There's a very real chance the Eagles could release Chung this offseason.

• Look at the gaping hole the Eagles have at receiver without at least one of Jeremy Maclin or Riley Cooper.

• PFF is high on young talent such as Zach Ertz, Bennie Logan, and Mychal Kendricks. Each are outlined with the potential to become solid starters.

• The offense is highlighted by a very strong group up front. Jason Peters and Evan Mathis make up a very strong left side. PFF sees elite potential in Jason Kelce.

Nick Foles' projection places him as a solid starter who can be a high quality starter, but not an elite level player.

• Ratings that will be sure to cause disagreement: Trent Cole (high quality starter), DeMeco Ryans (below average starter), and perhaps even Todd Herremans (solid starter). While their ratings will be debated, I would say there's a good chance they will all be on the roster in 2014.

• Players who (probably) won't be starting despite being on this graph: Damaris Johnson, Jason Avant, Patrick Chung, and maybe Earl Wolff. A few others will be disputed as I already mentioned, but the most part a lot of the spots seemed locked in at this point.

• Areas that definitely need new starters: safety, wide receiver, slot receiver. Inside linebacker could also be argued. The Eagles need depth in key areas, such as cornerback and pass rusher.

Overall, I think it's a fair assessment. The Eagles showed off talent in last year's successful 10-6 season but there's still very much room to improve.

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