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LolSkins Re-Sign DeAngelo Hall

Good news for the Eagles.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that won't disappoint Eagles fans, the Washington Redskins announced they have re-signed veteran cornerback DeAngelo Hall to a new 4-year deal. While the official terms have yet to be seen, early indications say the deal will be worth ~$5M on a yearly basis. Hall will be 34 by the time the deal is up.

What's funny about the deal is that at this time last year, Washington released Hall to save $8M in cap space. They later re-signed him to a much cheaper $1.25 one-year deal. And now the Redskins are bumping his pay back up to ~$5M. Put another way:

Redskins backers will cite the fact Hall was tied for 6th in the NFL with interceptions (4) and that he had a good year. I'm not so sure if that's the case. I won't pretend I watched all of the Redskins games last year, (I mean, who would want to go through that?) but I can say I saw how DeSean Jackson put up some of his best games when being "covered" by Hall. In two games versus Hall last season, Jackson racked up 11 catches for 186 yards (17 avg) and 1 TD. Not exactly what one would call a shutdown performance.

But that's not even the entirety of Hall's mishaps. In a Washington defense that featured some of the worst tacklers in the league, Hall was the worst of all. According to PFF, Hall missed 18 tackles in 2013, or about one for every 5 attempts. That's horrible. Only one other player, Cleveland's Buster Skrine, missed more tackles than Hall.

So with all of that said, welcome back to the NFC East, DeAngelo. And keep on keeping on, LolSkins.

[Note by Brandon Lee Gowton, 02/19/14 12:52 PM EST] - Hall's deal doesn't look as bad as first reported. This means DeSean will have just slightly less to laugh about after he's done burning Hall next year.

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