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Roger Goodell Got Paid $44.2 Million


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Major league sports commissioners are often heavily criticized and burdened with a lot of responsibility in making tough decisions. I like to refer to each current major sports commissioner as the worst of all time, because that seems to accurately sum up the fan/media response to those figures. Before you start to shed tears for them, though, remember that they are handsomely rewarded for their work. And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is certainly no exception.

According to a report from Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Daily, Goodell earned a total of $44.2 million in the last year.

That figures include $9.1M of deferred pension and bonus earned the previous year. The league expects to file its tax return, which will include the pay figures, with the IRS on Tuesday. That return will show Goodell earned a $3.5M salary and a $40.36M bonus, though $5M of the bonus was earned the prior year. Disclosure of Goodell’s nearly $30M compensation at this time last year reverberated through the industry. Sean Gilbert, a contender for the top spot at the NFLPA, penned a book called the "The $29 Million ‘Tip,’" arguing Goodell’s pay was gratitude from owners for what the former player contends is a pro-management labor deal struck in ‘11. Even Congress has brought up Goodell’s pay as part of attacks on the league’s non-profit status. Prior to the '11 labor deal, Goodell’s top pay was $11.5M.

Yeah, that's a lot. That makes Goodell the highest paid sports executive.

So while we're on the topic of the league's commissioner, let's open it up for discussion. Did Goodell earn his salary this year? Are you satisfied with how the NFL is run?

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