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Eagles vs. Seahawks Winners & Losers: Mark Sanchez majorly struggles

The Eagles were dominated in a 24-14 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. It was not fun.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles were dominated for the majority of Week 14's 24-14 loss to the Seahawks. While Philadelphia's defensive front seven showed up and was largely-effective against Marshawn Lynch, the secondary continued to struggle when it mattered most. To make things worse, quarterback Mark Sanchez was pretty ineffective for the majority of the game and struggled to find open receivers (there were quite a few instances where he had players open for big gains).

This isn't the type of loss that forces you to throwout the tape or sulk. The Eagles had opportunities to win the game and didn't capitalize. The Seahawks are a good team and were better on Sunday.

Let's get to the winners and losers.


Fletcher Cox: He was absolutely dominant against the run on Sunday. He made several stops and put down Lynch consistently. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck deservedly-gushed all over him during the telecast. It has taken two years in the new system, but Cox is truly becoming a major factor on this team.

Mychal Kendricks: His solid season continues with a few run stops and a forced fumble. He was everywhere on Sunday and really showed his athleticism by stopping Russell Wilson in space.

Connor Barwin: He spied Wilson and did a relatively good job. He had a sack and forced a few pressures. I felt he was constantly involved in the run game, despite missing a tackle or two.

Vinny Curry: The non-scheme fit collected another sack on Sunday. He's going to make some real money elsewhere when his contract is up.

Chris Prosinski: I was critical of him when he was signed because he had a history of not being good at safety. He has turned out to be a solid pickup as he has excelled on special teams. He had at least two stops on Sunday.


Mark Sanchez: The veteran led the worst offensive performance of Chip Kelly's tenure thus far. He looked uncomfortable the entire game and missed wide-open receivers. He went 10-of-20 for 96 passing yards, two touchdowns and an interception. His pick was absolutely brutal because it was immediately after a fumble recovery by the defense and the Eagles seemed to be gaining momentum again.

You can argue over Sanchez and Foles until you're blue in the face, but the issue is that both of them offer essentially similar results. The team needs an upgrade at quarterback and truth be told, they've gone from being in a good spot with a young, cheap quarterback to being a winning team that needs a passer that they likely don't have the resources to obtain. It doesn't really matter who starts moving forward, but I do think this team is good enough to sweep the division and win it with either.

Malcolm Jenkins: He was beat a few times and gave up the 23-yard touchdown to Doug Baldwin, which essentially sealed the game for Seattle. This was easily his worst performance as an Eagle.

Secondary in General: It has gotten so bad that my dog responds every time I say "Turn around!"

Referees: They aren't the reason for the loss but it did seem like Wilson got away with at least two "intentional grounding" throws. There were also a few no calls on other penalties for both teams. It's not typical for Kelly to constantly hound the referees.

The Run Game: This tangled web of production has been rough. The run game will be there for two games then go away for two and then come back for one and go away again for three. It's frustrating. McCoy was effective at times but finished with 17 carries for 50 yards (all-time leading rusher in franchise history, by the way) and a fumble and Darren Sproles went for no yards on four carries. He also muffed a punt return.

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