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Richard Sherman: Eagles miss DeSean Jackson, Seahawks weren't threatened by Philly's wide receivers

Richard Sherman is trolling Eagles fans.

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman taunted Eagles fans from the field during Seattle's 24-14 victory over Philadelphia on Sunday evening.

But Sherman, who has a reputation for this kind of behavior, did not stop there. The outspoken Seahawks defender made some comments during post-game media availability that were surely intended to rub salt in the wound.

"I think they miss [DeSean Jackson] tremendously," Sherman stated. "He was an incredible player and he’s still a threat."

"We never felt threatened [by Philadelphia's wide receivers]," Sherman added.

The Seahawks were right to feel that way based on Sunday's outcome. Philadelphia's receiving corps of Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, and Jordan Matthews only combined for eight receptions, 57 yards, and one touchdown on 16 targets. That's just not very good.

There is some context to be added to Sherman's statement. The California native is close friends with Jackson and the two knew each other while growing up. Sherman was not shy to criticize Philadelphia's decision to release Jackson in the offseason. Sherman also speaks from experience of being burned by Jackson earlier this season:

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Blaming Philadelphia's loss on the absence of Jackson seems silly. There were a number of reasons the Eagles offense struggled against Seattle such as poor quarterback play from Mark Sanchez, a costly turnover from LeSean McCoy, drops, bad calls, and so on. Still, the Eagles needed an offensive player to step up and make a play on Sunday against a top defense. No one rose to the challenge.

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