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The Linc - Washington might keep RG3 and fire Jay Gruden

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/7/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Chip Kelly gets blamed by college coach for Widener's playoff loss - BGN
Chip Kelly's Oregon Bias has gone TOO FAR!

Here Come the ‘Hawks - Iggles Blitz
Seattle comes to town for a big game on Sunday. I’m having a hard time figuring out what I think of this game. The Eagles have the better record and have been the better team this year, but Seattle is hot and they have the #1 defense in the league. You can really make an argument for both teams.

Kellystrator: Week 14 -
In this exclusive All-22 feature, head coach Chip Kelly stops by to break down some of the best plays from the team's huge win down in Dallas on Thanksgiving ...

All-22: The Challenges Against Seattle - Birds 24/7
The Eagles have had extra time to watch film coming off of their Thanksgiving Day victory over the Cowboys. And one of the guys who has stood out during those sessions is No. 29. Thomas, a three-time Pro Bowler, is someone the Eagles must account for - both in the run game and the pass game.

Eagles offense can adapt to the QB, but Wilson would be enticing - Inquirer
We'll never know what the Eagles would look like had they drafted Russell Wilson instead of Nick Foles, but it is likely Chip Kelly would be using the zone-read more than he does now had Andy Reid drafted the Seahawks quarterback, as he intended.

Eagles K Parkey kicking through groin injury - Inquirer
"I kicked the whole game," Parkey said Thursday. "It hurt, but it was nothing I couldn't kick through. And then we had the short week in Dallas. But this week we really got after it and I should be good to go Sunday."

25 Random Points: Foles, Sanchez, SEPTA & more - CSN Philly
There is no scenario I can imagine where Chip Kelly goes back to Nick Foles this year, barring an injury to Mark Sanchez. If Foles had been playing the way he did last year? Yeah, maybe. If Sanchez were struggling and the Eagles were on the playoff bubble? Yeah, probably. But Sanchez has been sharp, and he seems to be getting more and more comfortable in Kelly’s offense each week. You’re not going to pull a hot QB facing crucial late-season games for a guy who hasn’t played football in two months. No matter how well he played a year ago. The earliest Foles could conceivably be ready is the Redskins game Dec. 20, and that might be a stretch. If the Eagles keep rolling, Sanchez keeps playing.

Washington could stick with Robert Griffin III in 2015, fire Jay Gruden per report - SB Nation
Robert Griffin III is once again at the center of a potential dispute between owner, general manager and coach.

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